About Us

At Essential Wellness Naturally we are dedicated to finding natural and healthy ways to improve our quality of life. We are in no way anti-medicine, but rather our opinion is that invasive procedures and synthetic materials should be a last resort. We do not believe that placing people on medication and continually upping their dosage is either healthy or beneficial to the patient.

While some of the materials we promote would be considered “alternative” or “questionable” it is our opinion that naturally is always healthier than synthetic. Our opinion is that since most pharmaceuticals are based off of natural compounds anyways, we should just use the natural compound. While big pharma would have you believe their product is superior we respectfully disagree.

We want you to live a happier healthier life and use less and less medication. We believe there are many natural remedies for most common ailments and we would love to help you explore those remedies so you can live a more full life.